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We Are The AMG Team

Analytics, Marketing, & Growth is a unique partner based in Oklahoma City that delivers your organization revenue enhancement through the combination of data science, cutting edge digital and traditional marketing innovations, and business automation services.

Data plus marketing to the power of automation equals revenue enhancement

We think like owners and behave as long term-partners. We are immersive, intentional, and pragmatic in designing the strategies and tactics that guide you in reaching your goals. Delivering measurable results for nearly 20 years has made The AMG Team known for our ability to efficiently and effectively execute objectives, and we are ready to help you take your organization to a permanently higher level of success!

The AMG Team

Meet The AMG Team

CEO and Owner Eric Weisgarber at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
CEO & Owner

Eric Weisgarber

Eric fell in love with business as a kid – the numbers, products, services, marketing, and especially the systems that make it all work together. Today, he is grateful to live his dream of having a wonderful wife, two incredible sons, and wake up every morning to help other business leaders achieve their goals!
President and Owner Adam Diesselhorst at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
President & Owner

Adam Diesselhorst

Adam is an owner and the President of The AMG Team. He started in an entry-level position and held practically every role in the company at one point. He leads the business development, account management, and marketing teams. And he loves helping our client’s marketing and sales teams grow their businesses!
Vice President Brooke Thompson at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
Vice President

Brooke Thompson

Brooke is known as “The Hub In The Wheel”. She grew into leading the data science and productivity enablement teams before being promoted to VP during her 14-year career at The AMG Team. Today, she oversees all operations and helps our clients by closely managing the great work they trust us to do for them!
CFO Joe Temple at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth

Joe Temple

Joe is a skilled leader at building and leading teams with experience in multiple software platforms. His strong accounting and financial history and unique ability to communicate the numbers helps guide both our own decisions as a growing organization as well as how best to guide our client work.
General Manager & Data Scientist Kelly Epperson at Analytics, Marketing and Growth
General Manager & Data Scientist

Kelly Epperson

Kelly is uniquely gifted in data science, accounting, marketing, and so much more! Her ability to tie sales, marketing, operations, production, and financial metrics into concise sets of integrated visual reporting empowers leaders to easily make data-driven decisions and take action to grow their revenues.
Director of Operations & Management Gina Campbell at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
Director of Operations & Management

Gina Campbell

Gina has the mindset and experience that sees both the big picture and the granular details needed for our team and our clients to be successful. She thrives on creating continuous improvements that serve our clients. She is a master at the art and science of producing long-term wins!
Senior Account Manager Layne Maestas at Analytics, Marketing and Growth
Senior Strategic Account Manager

Layne Maestas

Layne “Architects The Solution.” She loves to build long-term relationships where she can make a difference and understand and unpack the root causes of your business pain and then execute the perfect data-driven marketing and revenue enhancement systems that create your breakthrough moments to win!
Senior Account Manager Lauren Deathrage at Analytics, Marketing and Growth
Senior Strategic Account Manager

Lauren Deathrage

Lauren is a leader on the Account Management Team and serves as a Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager to many of our clients. She is known for thinking like an owner and for taking ownership for the client’s long-term success that is delivered through our data science, innovative marketing, and systems development services.
Web and Graphic Designer, SEO Specialist Darah Aldridge at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
Web & Graphic Designer, SEO Specialist

Darah Aldridge

Darah enjoys solving marketing puzzles brought to us by our clients and strives to stay informed about current design and SEO trends. Her background and experience since graduating from the University of Oklahoma gives her a unique perspective when investigating solutions for our client’s problems.
Digital Advertising Specialist Kelli Teel at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
Digital Advertising Specialist

Kelli Teel

Kelli is a go-getting digital media specialist with a passion for communication and design. Her love of helping people shows in the work she does for our clients, whether it’s solving problems on our client’s social media or developing successful digital ad campaigns. Kelli is ready for any challenge our clients face!
Web and Graphic Designer Jacey McDaniels at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
Web & Graphic Designer

Jacey McDaniels

Jacey is a strategy-driven, innovative graphic designer who loves collaborating with clients to develop brand identities. Her goal is to make a positive difference in the world through design.
Copywriter Alex Mutz at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth

Alex Mutz

Alex is a copywriter with a diverse background and the skills needed to take your brand’s story to the next level. Whether it’s a blog, a landing page, a newsletter, or something unique to your business, his work will attract readers and keep them hanging on every word.
Digital Designer Kura Maynard Duncan at Analytics, Marketing and Growth
Digital Designer

Shakurah Maynard-Duncan

Shakurah is a graphic designer with a background in both studio art and analytics-driven marketing. Her graphics emphasize eye-catching visuals, easily digestible information, and content that converts prospects into customers. Whether you need social media posts or Google ads, she’ll deliver the impactful, efficient work you need.
Bookkeeper Megan Rupp at Analytics, Marketing, & Growth
Bookkeeper / Estimator

Megan Rupp

Megan is a skilled and enthusiastic contract bookkeeper. With a unique background in teaching, business, and accounting, she loves helping people through problem-solving, teamwork, and kindness.
Business Development Fellow Brooke Rayner at Analytics, Marketing, and Growth
Business Development Fellowship

Brooke Rayner

Earnest and spirited marketing and sales professional with experience in sales and communications. Marketing and Professional sales student at the University of Central Oklahoma.