Maximize ROI with Direct Mail Tracking

November 30, 2015 -

Before you launch any direct mail campaign, it is important to implement a system that allows you to track the results. Why? Tracking makes sure each and every lead is captured allowing you maximize your ROI.

There are several ways to track your direct mail campaigns; however, using a combination of methods gives recipients multiple ways to respond increasing your chances of capturing their information.

Here are two examples of tracking mechanisms that instantly turn your mail piece into a data collection and follow-up tool.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology allows your clients to interact with an intelligent automated system through the use of voice and/or telephone keypad inputs. IVR uses a combination of a unique 800 or 888 number and verification code. The recipient calls the number and is prompted to enter their code.

Options can include scheduling a time to come in and meet with a sales representative, or being transferred to speak with a live person for more information, credit qualification, claiming a prize and more. Information gathered is then sent to a company representative for follow-up. In addition, data is compiled and uploaded to a unique website for you to review anytime.

Event promotion and attendance confirmation is a great use for IVR. Customers can rsvp for an event by calling and entering their unique code. A live person then contacts those customers to thank them for reaching out and confirm that they are still planning to attend.


A Personalized URL (PURL) or personalized landing page is unique to each recipient. A PURL takes the recipient to a landing page with dynamic content that is relevant to them. A PURL can also be linked to your website to expand on the information presented on the landing page.

PURL’s are great way to present customized offers, surveys, incentives to visit a physical location, giveaway registrations, and more. As with the IVR, they are ideal for event promotion and attendance confirmation. Upon entering a PURL, the recipient is taken to a landing page with a pre-filled registration form saving them time making it easy to respond.

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