Part 1: Working From Home - Coronavirus Accelerates Investing In Remote Work Systems

March 23, 2020 -

The need for businesses to be able to work from home has never been more apparent than it is today due to the emergence of COVID-19. 

Both business leaders and team members alike have valid reasons for wanting to work from home. Now COVID-19 has thrown most businesses into the deep end of the pool, leaving business leaders to figure out remote working for themselves while they struggle to keep their business afloat during this trying time. Here is Part I of our Work from Home Blog Series to introduce you and your team to remote working! 

Different Reasons to Work from Home (WFH)

Some business leaders are drawn to the idea of a remote workforce because it allows them to widen their net and hire better talent outside of their local market. It allows them to lower their overhead costs, expand in-person sales territories, and it can even help them increase the productivity of their entire organization, if executed correctly.

Most team members want more autonomy over their lives; they want less micromanagement from their employers, more freedom from useless meetings--the ones that definitely could’ve been emails--and more freedoms that working from home offers.

What slows down this transition for both leaders and their employees is:

  • Lack of trust between management and team members
  • Fear of loss of company culture -- missing the “thousand conversations in the hall” 
  • Management fearing a decrease in productivity, because they can’t witness it with their own eyes
  • Fear of dropping the ball on client work during transition

All of these fears are valid, but easily overcome with the right plan!

“The Mother of Invention is Necessity.”

Someone once said “the mother of invention is necessity,” and the coronavirus has definitely slammed the necessity of remote working right into our faces. Our communities are practicing social distancing and self-quarantining to help keep everyone safe. Air travel, sporting events, religious services, company and client meetings of every kind have been driven to a near halt for many. 

As impossible as it may seem at the moment, business must go on. We must all continue to get our work done. We must accomplish our goals of selling products, services, and fulfilling customer requests. 

But if You’re Not There Yet, How Do You Get Started Working from Home?

Here are a few things for a quick-start:

  • Go paperless & use shared files system
  • Move to a cloud-based phone system
  • Collaborate using chat
  • Schedule mandatory visual calls
  • Create & sign remote guidelines 
  • Use eSignature software
  • Apply online approval processes
  • Schedule 1-on-1 and group meetings using video chat
  • Integrate all departments to a central CRM Hub
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Accounting
    • Banking
    • Administration 
    • Vendor communications 
    • Stakeholder collaboration within your CRM system

Over the next few weeks as the business world works to quickly adjust to our current reality, we will start unpacking all of the relevant ways to digitize and dematerialize your processes, procedures, and offerings in our Work from Home Blog Series.  

We are happy to point the DIYers in the right direction or to assemble our team to get it done for you - whatever it takes!  We have been helping businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations enhance their productivity and “go-remote” since 2006. You have been through tough times before. We all have. And we are here to help you.

If you need anything, call our team today at 1-833-464-2641!

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