Part 2: Working From Home - 3 Steps Towards a Paperless, Remote Workforce

April 1, 2020 -

This is Part 2 of our Work from Home Blog Series. Click here to read Part 1.

1. Use a Shared Cloud-Based File System

Real-time collaboration and unlimited cloud storage are both essential to a successful remote workforce. In order to enable your team to work from home, you must first ensure that they are equipped to connect with one another for sharing files and collaborating on projects.

G Suite offers the ability to work as a team on documents, spreadsheets, and slides with functionalities including the ability to assign work, comment, chat, and suggest edits. Users are given access to Google’s library of apps and essential Chrome add-ons for note-taking, calendaring, storage, billing time, organizing your email inbox, integrating with your CRM, and more.

2. Move to a Cloud-Based Phone System

A Virtual PBX phone system gives your business the flexibility to use phone extensions without the burden of a landline. This is a great option for a remote team, because it allows employees to keep their personal phone numbers private while still receiving business calls on their cells forwarded from the business line. A good cloud-based phone system will also have call recording, call ID, and a time date stamped email that is delivered to a company group email so that no call is missed.  The recorded calls are also great to repurpose for remote training.  You may also integrate your cloud-based phone system into a CRM, like Salesforce, for optimal results!

3. Use Digital Agreements & eSignatures

Implementing digital eSign agreements eliminates a lot of paper, speeds up turnaround times, and allows for automated workflows, such as email notifications, assigning tasks to team members, updating CRM fields, and syncing with your accounting software. Plus, your countersigned agreements may be permanently stored in your CRM and your Google Drive forever.  HelloSign and similar tools can accelerate your team’s productivity by allowing them to spend time more efficiently on essential tasks.

Over the next few weeks as the business world works to quickly adjust to our current reality, we will start unpacking all of the relevant ways to digitize and dematerialize your processes, procedures, and offerings in our Work from Home Blog Series.  

We are happy to point the DIYers in the right direction or to assemble our team to get it done for you - whatever it takes!  We have been helping businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations enhance their productivity and “go-remote” since 2006. You have been through tough times before. We all have. And we are here to help you.

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