Past Customers = Future Sales: Benefits of Database Mailers

August 26, 2015 -

Successful businesses understand that to remain successful they must grow.  Unfortunately, many business owners get so focused on finding new customers that they forget about the ones they already have.  Focusing solely on acquiring new customers can be a costly mistake.  Why?

According to Marketing Metrics, selling to existing customers is about 50% easier than selling to brand new prospects.  Therefore, reaching out to customers who have purchased from you in the past and encouraging them to buy from you again is a more cost effective way to grow.  And, database mailers are the perfect way to reach them.

What is a Database Mailer?

Simply put, a database mailer is a mail piece that is sent to your existing customer base, including current and past customers.  A database mailer has a softer selling approach than mail pieces that target prospects, and relies more on familiarity and customer appreciation.

Why Send Database Mailers?

Database mailers present a great opportunity to cross-sell related products, encourage upgrades to the latest models, or promote reoccurring purchases.  Although all companies can benefit from sending database mailers, big ticket items such as cell phones or automobiles are particularly effective.

What Should Database Mailers Include?

Let your customers know that you appreciate their business, present new or related products/services and consider offering them a special discount that is only available to current/past customers.  It is a great way to show customers what else you offer and provide them an incentive to purchase additional products or services from you.  In addition, be sure to personalize your database mailers with the information you know about them to create familiarity and interest.

Which Customers Should You Target?

Remember the 80/20 rule?  80% of your future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.  Therefore, you should be selective with your approach.  Choose only those customers in your database perceived to be in a buyer’s market based on when they last purchased from you and the type/price point of your product.

For example:  An automotive dealer could begin with a list that targets all sales and service customers.  Next, filter out those with purchases from last 2 years and people who have moved/out of the area.  And then, select the model years that are older than 2002.  The result is a list that targets those customers who are most likely to buy, and will result in the highest ROI for your campaign.

How Often Should You Send a Database Mailer?

It is important to set the right cadence so that you don’t overwhelm your current customers and put the relationship at risk. Sending a database mail piece once every two months is a good rule of thumb.  During the off months, there are several other campaign types that can be utilized to increase your sales revenues.

Are you ready to turn your past customers into future sales?

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