Postal Logistics: Maximize Entry Point Speed and Savings

September 24, 2015 -

A simple way to reduce postage costs and in home delivery delays is to utilize the most appropriate and cost-efficient United States Postal Service entry point for your mail campaign.

USPS Entry Points

There are three main postal entry points:

  1. DNDC – Destination Network Distribution Center
  2. DSCF – Destination Sectional Center Facility
  3. DDU – Destination Delivery Unit (local post office)

When your mail enters the postal system, the number of times it needs to be touched and/or moved has a direct impact on how much it costs and how fast it arrives at its destination.  Determining the best entry point for your mailing is key to getting your mail where it needs to go in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

For example – here are some typical timelines depending on which entry point is used:

  • DNDC to home – 9 to 10 days entry to home [one to four days to process (depending on mail volume) – 24 hours to SCF – 24 hours to process – 24 hours to DDU – 24 hours to process – in homes following 2 days]
  • DSCF to home – 3 to 4 days entry to home [24 hours to process – 24 hours to DDU – delivery to homes the following 2 days]
  • DDU to home – 2 days entry to home [24 hours to process – in homes the next day]

Plan Ahead

In order to take advantage of the entry point speed and savings, you need to keep a few things in mind when creating your campaign.  Clearly a DDU is the preferred entry point; however, not every type of mailing can enter the postal system at a DDU.  The type of mailing and even the size of the mail pieces can determine where mail must enter the system.  For example, mail has to be considered a “FLAT” and “Carrier Routed” for entry to a DDU to be allowed.

Find the Right Partner

Therefore, it is critical to work with a mail partner who understand the postal system and can provide you with the best way to design and mail your campaign to maximize speed and savings.

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