The Value of Pressure Sealed Mailers

July 30, 2015 -

Standing out in a crowded mailbox remains one the biggest challenges in direct mail marketing.  The success of your campaign depends on grabbing your prospect’s attention and enticing them to open, read, and respond to your mail piece.  A pressured sealed mailer is one of the most effective ways to do just that.

What is Pressure Sealed Mailer?

Also referred to as a snap pack, a pressure sealed mailer is a cost-effective, high-open, high-response rate mail mechanism.  Pressure sealed mailers are a single sheet that when folded become the envelope; therefore, saving you time and money by streamlining production.

Pressure sealed mailers range in size from 8 ½ x 11 to 8 ½ x 14 and have perforations on two or three sides for easy opening.  They are available as a tri-fold or bi-fold mailer, can be printed in black and white or color and printed on both sides providing lots of space for content and images.

Another unique attention-grabbing feature of pressure sealed mailers is that they often contain an attached check, or one designed to fall out in the recipient’s lap (referred to as a lap check) when opened.  In addition, variable data printing can be used to personalize the mail piece and encourage the recipient to open it.

Who Should Use a Pressure Sealed Mailer?

Although any industry can and should take advantage of the benefits pressure sealers offer, automotive, banking and mortgage companies, insurance, tax and other time sensitive documents are particularly successful.

Why are Pressure Sealed Mailers so Effective?

Here are just a few reasons why pressure sealed mailers are so effective and should be a part of your direct mail strategy.

Pressure sealed mailers:

  • Demand attention with an important, official look and feel
  • Pique the recipients curiosity which leads to a 95% open rate
  • Increase consumer interaction simply by how they are opened
  • Provide a high-level of security to maintain confidentiality of data
  • Reduce the risk of mismatches or inserts in the wrong envelope
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for an envelope

Need Help?

Wondering if pressure sealed mailers are right for you?  Curious about how to effectively add them to your direct mail strategy?  The AMG Team can help!  We have the skills and experience to help evaluate your current processes, review your goals, and determine how pressure sealed mailer can increase your open rates, response rates and overall sales.  Contact Us, Request a Quote, Request a Media Kit or call us at 800–648–3107.

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