Business Automation Self-Assessment

Are you and your team members wasting valuable time on tasks that could be automated?
Are your clients/customers integrated into one platform like a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)?
What CRM platform do you use?
Does your CRM allow you to download apps that extend its functionality?
What is your current CRM lacking?
Do you know how to set up an auto-triggered email?
Have you set up your lead forms to trigger responses from appropriate team members on your CRM?
Does your CRM automatically let you know if you are on track to meeting your monthly sales goal?
Does your CRM automatically report both closed revenue and open pipelines?
Do you have any email automation set up to improve communication with your clients?
Is your email integrated with your CRM?
Are you automatically prompted to work on tasks based on your client/customers’ actions?
Does your CRM prioritize leads based on the likelihood of closing?
Do you currently track the activity of your employees (ie. tracking calls, emails, etc)?
Is your CRM integrated with your accounting software?
Are your marketing campaigns integrated into your CRM so you can track what campaigns are working?