Pinpoint Your Audience Through Data Science

The only way to give your client base what they need, when they need it, is to understand their unique behaviors and attributes. Unfortunately, most businesses can only look at raw, unstructured sales data to learn more about their customers, which makes drawing crucial conclusions difficult and time-consuming. Data science offers a solution to this problem.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the use of scientific processes to pull valuable insights into customer behavior from unstructured data. By cleaning up customer and sales data, it becomes easier to make well-informed business decisions that will maximize your revenue.

All business is good business, but if you’re like most companies, the top 20% of your customers make up 80% of your revenue. That 20% represents your target audience. Our data science specialists will gather, score, and optimize your data to help you identify your target audience and their unique attributes.

Once we know who we’re looking for, we’ll audit the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts, services, and workflow. This will give us a better idea of what is and isn’t working on your target audience.

After we’ve learned everything we can, we’ll share our insights with you, helping you improve your marketing and sales efforts and ensure that the right people are hearing the right message.

Data Enhancement Services

Data science is more than one process. Our data science specialists use a variety of techniques to ensure we’re analyzing your data as thoroughly as possible. 

The data science services we offer include:

  • Data standardization and cleansing
  • Audience insights and segmentation
  • Customer and prospect data attribute enhancement
  • Customer and prospect data scoring
  • Data management platform integration
  • Data visualization with Business Intelligence Programs
  • Real-time data-driven actions workflows

All Your Data Rolled Up into Easy-to-Use Dashboards

The final key to analyzing your data is having it easily accessible through a user-friendly dashboard. Data comes from countless sources, from AMS and Salesforce to Paycom and X. By integrating all incoming data into one simple interface, making informed business decisions will be simpler than ever. 

You’ll be able to easily activate your data by segmenting customers and prospects, tracking the performance of your projects, and keeping an up-to-date sales funnel. Each dashboard is unique to you and your team members so you can highlight the information most important for your day-to-day work.

Ready to activate your data and find your target audience?

The AMG team has collected unstructured data, cleaned and scored it, and rolled it into dashboard interfaces for large and small clients. We’ve seen firsthand how much more efficient data activation can make a business. When you partner with us, we’ll set you up for success the same way we’ve set up countless others.

Taking the first steps toward your partnership with Analytics, Marketing, and Growth is easy:


Schedule a free discovery call with one of our team members so you can ask questions, discuss potential services, and let us get to know you better.


Allow us to organize, analyze, and collect your pools of underutilized data.


Use our dashboard to make informed business decisions and activate your data to its fullest potential.

Stop wasting time relying on gut instincts and confusing data to connect with your customers and partner with us today. In the meantime, take our “Do You Know Your Customers?” quiz to see how well you know your data currently.