Analytics, Marketing & Growth

Are you ready to grow your insurance agency and hit the corporate bonuses you missed?

We work with insurance agency owners and their teams. Our data-driven marketing and business automation services have been customized and packaged to help you reach your bonuses.

Here are the top 7 reasons why most insurance agency owners choose to partner with The AMG Team to help grow their business:


They are not hitting their New Business Accelerator bonus (AKA the “Double Down Bonus").


They are struggling to get their renewal bonuses, because rates are through the roof and the sheer volume of FFRs is overwhelming.


They need help getting a better ROI on their leads or reallocating their budget toward better lead sources.


They want to systematically grow their existing customers through effective cross-sell and referral initiatives.


They need help getting their sales team to produce more revenue every month so owners can have more time to do what they do best.


They want to capitalize on a specialty line of business that they are already strong in, and there is far more to win in the marketplace.


They want to scale through acquisition of another insurance agency and need help streamlining the transition.

How To Get Your Free Assessment & Benefits You Will Receive

1. Schedule a free assessment review.

Our team will perform a comprehensive audit of your agency, your local market, social media channels, various online profiles, and website presence. 

Upon scheduling your Free Assessment Review, you will receive a Google Meet calendar invite and a link to a questionnaire for you to provide as much insight into your agency as you have available.

2. What are the benefits?

  • Insights on what’s working for other Oklahoma insurance agencies who are hitting their corporate bonuses.
  • Business recommendations your agency can take to improve results without spending another penny.
  • A solutions proposal from The AMG Team that will help your agency hit bonuses and achieve your goals.

3. What else will we cover in this assessment?

  • Answers to your questions about The AMG Team and its solutions.
  • Option to receive a customized strategic growth plan based upon your needs, investment level, and timing or hit the pause button for now.
  • References of other insurance agents for which The AMG Team has provided solutions.

Packages as low as $2,498.50/mo

Do you have what it takes to take your business to the next level?